Conqueror Resort Hotel (Pindaya)

The Conqueror Resort Hotel is designed in perfect harmony with nature. The Resort is built for those who love to enjoy the Ecotourism and wish to explore the culture of the local hill tribes and their livings, to enjoy trekking and discover the historical lime stone caves in which thousands of centuries-old Buddha image are seated and the picturesque lake “Pone Ta Loke”. And to offer the visitor a perfect relaxation at modern facilities resort and feel the taste local tradition at the same time.

The Conqueror Resort Hotel is located at the foot of Shwe Oo Min Cave. It sets amidst 20 acres of lush land of “trees and flowers” overlooking the spectacular Shwe oo Min Cave. It’s just 15 minutes walk to Shwe Oo Min Cave. The Resort is complementing the natural beauty of unique location; each of the all rooms opens out to the lush garden, scenic beauty.