” Gold Kangaroo ” is a Travel and Tour Company limited  located in Yangon, Myanmar. With 19 years of combined experience.

“ Gold ”  means many of our fields and our heritage pagodas of Golden Land, Myanmar and  “ Kangaroo ” means that we care our guests along their trips to be convenient and to safeguard till the end graciously as like as a kangaroo that cherishes her child with warmly, kindly, patiently and safely in her pouch.

We take pride in our company motto  “ your satisfaction is our goal ”  and in providing top quality service. We work hard to insure an enjoyable trouble-free experience for our customers and take great pride in making sure that no one is dissatisfied.

Our professionalism is appealing to even the most demanding of expatriates. We work hard to understand their interests and provide a tour package that will not disappoint.

As a general manager, I offer my assurance that you will receive high-quality, personalized assistance from our company.
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The enclosed brochure highlights many of the services we offer.


We are pleased to call for any interested party to venture Travel and Tour in Myanmar jointly with us. As Myanmar Government is stepping forward in this business, obviously there are many eager tourists to visit and explore around Myanmar. We are in readiness to welcome Business Partners in order to promote Tourism for greater extent. We trust that we could possibly collaborate and coordinate to better once we are together. So let’s have synergism. You are welcomed.